Cory Iverson dies battling Thomas Fire, what a tragic loss for California, Family, Friends, Firefighters

I never met Cory Iverson, but tonight my heart breaks knowing that this 32-year-old father, husband, and fire fighter has tragically lost his life battling the massive out of control Thomas Fire.

DRCQnyeUIAA1NE-Adding to this horrific tragedy, his wife Ashley, according to many media reports, is expecting their second child.  Iverson also leaves behind a two-year-old daughter.

The Thomas Fire continues to burn and destroy everything in it’s path.  The alarm bells have blared for 10 days.  Destruction still reigns down with flames, and embers exploding hillsides and spectacular homes and businesses, and wildlife in it’s path.

This is a painful day here in California.

Pray for Cory, and his family.





Sacramento Thug Alert: Resolution Introduced to (Finally) Expel California State Senator Tony Mendoza

Tony Gangster
Is Senator Tony Mendoza FINALLY heading to the exit doors….?

SHOUT OUT TO Senator Andy Vidak for standing up for women all over California today…..   Time of the Tiger Tony to use pack up and go back to the hood.

Tony Mendoza repeatedly used his Assembly and Senate office to prey upon women working for him

Thursday, December 14, 2017
Sacramento – Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) has drafted a resolution (text below) to expel Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) from the California State Senate. Vidak issued this statement:

“Many of us have been waiting for Senator Mendoza to do the right thing and resign, but that has not happened. The Senate Democrat Leadership has failed in their responsibility to request that Mendoza resign. Apparently, they’re still interviewing law firms.

“I plan to bring this resolution up on January 3rd. A simple suspension, with or without pay, is not an enough. Two Senate staffers have been fired, a Sacramento State employee is on ‘indefinite leave,’ and three women staffers have been sexually harassed, yet, Mendoza still holds the position of Senator.


“Hopefully, the incoming pro-Tem will take this matter more serious than it has been so far. Then again, in 2014 when Senator Joel Anderson, then-Senator Steve Knight and I introduced SR 29 to expel Rod Wright – a convicted felon – the Democrat and Republican Leadership blocked us and let Wright stay in the Senate an additional seven months.”


Introduced by Senator Vidak
January 3, 2018


Relative to the expulsion of Senator Tony Mendoza


WHEREAS, on November 10, 2017 reports began appearing in the media about three former women staff members of Senator Tony Mendoza that complained about him sexually harassing them; and

WHEREAS, one woman – Jennifer Kwart – was 19 years old in 2008 when she worked as an intern in then-Assemblymember Mendoza’s Norwalk District office; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Kwart reported that in 2008 then-Assemblymember Mendoza arranged for her to fly to San Jose during the 2008 Democrat Party Convention, “picked her up from the airport and took her to a hotel suite. At his suggestion, they had drinks from the mini-bar;” and

WHEREAS, the Sacramento Bee has reported that Mendoza’s campaign finance reports from 2008 verify “two charges of $409 and $703.20 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose for candidate travel, lodging or meals and a $134.50 payment to Southwest Airlines for spouse or staff travel, lodging or meals. The hotel is three blocks from the San Jose McHenry Convention Center,” and

WHEREAS, Ms. Kwart reported that in the hotel room then-Assemblymember Mendoza began asking “her personal questions about her ex-boyfriends and her taste in men;” and

WHEREAS, Ms. Kwart reported that “she believed Mendoza implied he wanted to have sex with her;” and

WHEREAS, Ms. Kwart reported “Then and now, I feel like I was very trapped. I was in a place that I had never been to before. I didn’t have a car and I didn’t have a way out,” and

WHEREAS, Ms. Kwart reported that she later “faked a phone call to excuse herself. She secretly called her mother and asked her to book a flight home immediately. She told Mendoza that her grandfather suffered a stroke and she would have to return to Los Angeles” and

WHEREAS, the Sacramento Bee reports that Kwart’s mother “recalls advising her daughter on how to safely navigate the situation via texts and phone calls,” and

WHEREAS, a second woman – Haley Myers – who worked for then-Assemblyman Mendoza in 2010 reported that “Mendoza repeatedly sent her text messages, some late at night with comments such as ‘thinking of you’ and ending with a smiley face. He singled out Myers, then 30 and married, to attend after-hours events with him, she said, including several occasions in which she found herself alone with Mendoza over drinks or dinner” and

WHEREAS, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, “In September 2010, Mendoza invited Myers to join him for a long weekend at a conference in Pebble Beach. Myers said she was suspicious and asked for details about the work that would be expected from her on the trip. In response he (Mendoza) said accommodations were nice and described the resort town as beautiful, she said. She declined and mentioned that her and her husband were celebrating their anniversary” and

WHEREAS, Myers reported Mendoza’s behavior to Rene Bayardo, then-Assemblymember Mendoza’s legislative director who reported the matter to the Assembly Rules Committee; and

WHEREAS, Bayardo stated to the Sacramento Bee, “The behavior Haley described to me was alarming, and as a supervisor I had a legal and ethical obligation to report it;” and

WHEREAS, an Assembly Rules Committee staff member “agreed to tell Mendoza not to contact her (Myers) in a non-professional manner and that he could not retaliate against either (Myers or Bayardo);” and

WHEREAS, an Assembly Rules Committee staff member followed up with Myers afterward and described Mendoza as “perplexed and confused;” and

WHEREAS, a third woman – a 23-year old Senate Fellow assigned to Mendoza’s Capitol Office – was, during the summer of 2017, repeatedly invited by Mendoza to visit him at night in a home he then shared with Senator President pro-Tem Kevin de Leon, on the pretext of reviewing her resume; and

WHEREAS, two Senate Staff members that reported Mendoza’s inappropriate behavior to the Senate Rules Committee have recently been fired; and

WHEREAS, the Senate Fellowship Director at the time who allegedly did not report Senator Mendoza’s behavior has been put on “indefinite leave” by Sacramento State University; and

WHEREAS, Senator Mendoza’s responses and statements about the reports of the three women have been vague, non-denials attempting to place blame on so-called misunderstandings, miscommunications and media seeking to generate advertising sales; and

WHEREAS, to this direct question from a Sacramento Bee reporter: “At a party at the Mix (a downtown Sacramento nightclub), did you (Senate Mendoza) tell the fellow in your office that she could come back to your house to go over her resume that night (August 31) this year (2017)?” Mendoza’s response was “Generally speaking, I would offer assistance to any of our employees seeking higher-ranking positions in ours or other offices.”

WHEREAS, Senator Mendoza has clearly violated at least 10 “Senate Standards of Conduct:”

“First – Each Senator shall conduct himself or herself so as to justify the high trust reposed in him or her by the people and to promote public confidence in the integrity of the Senate;
Second – A Senator or officer or employee of the Senate shall not engage in unethical conduct or tolerate such conduct by others;
Third (c) – A Senator shall not use the prestige of his or her office, and an officer or employee of the Senate shall not use the status of his or her position, for material or financial gain or private benefit;
Fourth (d) – Each Senator shall fairly characterize the issues confronting the Legislature and accurately inform the public regarding the conduct of his or her office;
Fifth – Each Senator and each officer or employee of the Senate has an obligation to the public and to his or her colleagues to be informed about, and abide by, the rules that govern the proceedings of the Senate and the Legislature;
Sixth – Each Senator, and each officer or employee of the Senate, acting in a position of leadership shall exercise his or her power and carry out his or her responsibility so as to enhance reasoned and visible decision-making by the Senate;
Seventh – Each Senator has an obligation to treat each officer or employee of the Senate with fairness and without discrimination, and to ensure that each officer or employee performs only those tasks for which there is a legislative or governmental purpose;
Eighth – Each officer or employee of the Senate has an obligation to perform his or her properly assigned duties using his or her best judgment with diligence and a duty of loyalty to the Senate as an institution;
Tenth – Each Senator and each officer or employee of the Senate shall uphold the Constitution of California and the Constitution of the United States, and shall adhere to the spirit and the letter of the laws, rules, and regulations governing officeholder conduct;
Eleventh – Each Senator and each officer or employee of the Senate shall conduct himself or herself in the performance of his or her duties in a manner that does not discredit the Senate.
WHEREAS, serving in the California Legislature is not a right, but rather a privilege and honor entrusted to us by the voters of California;

WHEREAS, Senator Mendoza has violated that trust by repeatedly using his office in both houses of the Legislature to target and prey upon women working for him;

WHEREAS, women working in, volunteering in or visiting the Capitol and District offices of California legislators, have a right to feel safe and a right to have protections against retaliation if they have concerns or complaints about their treatment;

WHEREAS, Senator Mendoza has demonstrated through his actions that he does not truly comprehend the serious predicaments he has placed these women in and damage he has done to them and to the reputation of the Legislature;

WHEREAS, Senator Mendoza has compromised his ability to provide effective representation for the residents of the 32nd District;

WHEREAS, the Assembly co-chair of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus has stated she will no longer work with Senator Mendoza;

WHEREAS, The oath of office that state Senators swear to uphold upon taking office reads as follows: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter”; and

WHEREAS, Subdivision (a) of Section 5 of Article IV of the California Constitution provides as follows: “Each house shall judge the qualifications and elections of its Members and, by roll call vote entered in the journal, two thirds of the membership concurring, may expel a Member”; and

WHEREAS, The California State Senate convenes in a chamber under a portrait of George Washington – a symbol of dedication and integrity; and

WHEREAS, Senator Mendoza has had, since November 10, 2017, the option of resigning from the Senate but has not done so; and

WHEREAS, The Senate leadership has had, since November 10, 2017, the option of requesting Senator Mendoza to resign from the Senate but has not done so; and

WHEREAS, under the power and authority conferred by the California Constitution, the full Senate can, by a two-thirds vote of the membership, expel a Senator; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, two-thirds of the membership concurring, that pursuant to the authority conferred by Section 5 of Article IV of the California Constitution, Senator Tony Mendoza, representing the 32nd Senate District, is hereby expelled from the California State Senate for violating several Senate Standards of Conduct cited above, effective immediately.


Thanks Ryan Coulter for this image of the Lilac Fire here in San Diego County.

Don’t be fooled by the name of this horrific fire that broke out literally hours ago in San Diego County.

It is being called “The Lilac Fire.” Personally I NEVER liked the smell of lilacs, very over the top in my book. My heart breaks for the folks who have already lost their homes and horses and other livestock. This fire has the potential to burn all the way to the Pacific Ocean…and as of 11:30 p.m. on Thursday night….zero containment.

Lilac Fire Incident Information:
Last Updated: December 07, 2017 7:39 pm
Date/Time Started: December 07, 2017 11:15 am
Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Diego Unit
County: San Diego County
Location: Old Hwy 395 at Dulin Road, Bonsall
Acres Burned – Containment: 4,100 acres
Evacuations: Mandatory Evacuations in the area of W. Lilac Rd. & Sullivan Middle School. South of Burma Rd. East of Wilshire North of N. River Rd. West of S. Mission Ave
New evacuation orders: South of Renche Rd., West of I-15 Freeway, East of Green Canyon Rd. & S. Mission Rd., North of Hwy 76
Wvacuation Warnings are in effect: North of Pala Rd. South of Reche Rd. West of I-15 Freeway East of Green Canyon Rd. & W. Mission Rd.Evacuation shelters have been set up: Fallbrook High School, and Pala Casino

East Valley Community Center located at 2245 E. Valley Parkway, Escondidio & Stagecoach Community Park located at 3420 Camino De Los Coches, Carlsbad

Road Closures: Old Hwy 395 between W. Lilac Rd. & Hwy 76 in both directions
Long/Lat: -117.1630/33.3237
Conditions: The fire is growing at a dangerous rate of spread with structures threatened. Five structures have been destroyed & an unknown amount has been damaged.

THOMAS FIRE ROARS TO 115,000 ACRES; So, how big is THIS compared to say Philly, the US Virgin Islands, and Honolulu

fireThe massive Thomas Fire has now grown to a massive 115,000 acres and growing still out of control.  The Southern California wildfire has now entered Santa Barbara County.  This is DECEMBER….not August…and this is turned into being a historical fire month here in the smokey Golden State.  I looked up just how big 115,000 acres are and came up with these factoids…

It’s about one-and-one-third times as big as Philadelphia. In other words, the size of Philadelphia is 0.7519 times 115,000 acres. (a.k.a. Philly, a.k.a. The City of Brotherly Love) (Pennsylvania) The largest city in Pennsylvania as of 2009 and at one time the second-largest city in the British Empire, Philadelphia measures 86,460 acres in total area. The city is known as a center of great historical importance and as the one-time capital of the United States.

It’s about one-and-one-third times as big as The US Virgin Islands. In other words, the size of The US Virgin Islands is 0.741 times 115,000 acres. (a.k.a. United States Virgin Islands, a.k.a. Virgin Islands of the United States) (United States) (total land area)

The US Virgin Islands are an insular area of the United States consisting of the Caribbean islands of Saint Croix, Saint John, Saint Thomas, Water Island, and others, which measure 85,500 acres in total land area. The islands are known as popular tourist destinations and as the location of several petroleum refineries.

It’s about one-and-three-fourths times as big as Honolulu. In other words, 115,000 acres is 1.75847 times the size of Honolulu, and the size of Honolulu is 0.568676 times that amount.  (Hawaii) The capital and most-populated city in Hawaii, Honolulu measures 65,397.7 acres in total area. The city is known as the home of numerous tourist attractions, including the ‘Iolani Palace — the only palace to have been occupied by a monarch in the United States — and the USS Arizona Memorial, which commemorates the victims of the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941.

It’s about two-and-a-half times as big as American Samoa. In other words, 115,000 acres is 2.34 times the size of American Samoa, and the size of American Samoa is 0.427 times that amount. (a.k.a. Amerika Sāmoa, a.k.a. Sāmoa Amelika) (United States)

American Samoa, a territory of the United States near the nation of Samoa in the South Pacific, measures 49,200 acres in total area. It is known as the home of two major tuna canneries — StarKist and Samoa Packing. 

It’s about two-and-a-half times as big as Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

In other words, 115,000 acres is 2.459 times the size of Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and the size of Carlsbad Caverns National Park is 0.40667 times that amount.

(a.k.a. Carlsbad Caverns National Park) (Eddy County, New Mexico). The home of the Carlsbad Caverns cave system, the national park of the same name occupies 46,767 acres. James Larkin White, a 19th-century cowboy, explorer, and eventual park ranger discovered the cave and named many of its caverns when he was just sixteen years old.

It’s about two-and-a-half times as big as Washington, D.C.. In other words, 115,000 acres is 2.63 times the size of Washington, D.C., and the size of Washington, D.C. is 0.38 times that amount. (formally the District of Columbia, a.k.a. Washington, a.k.a. the District, a.k.a. DC) (United States)
Thomas Fire Incident Information:Last Updated:December 07, 2017 6:33 pmDate/Time
Started:December 04, 2017 6:28 pmAdministrative Unit:Unified Command: CAL FIRE, Ventura County Fire, City of Ventura, Los Padres National Forest, Ventura County Sheriff,County:Ventura CountyLocation:Hwy 150 and Hwy 126, north of Santa PaulaAcres Burned – Containment:115,000 acres – 5% containedStructures Threatened:15,000 structures threatenedStructures Destroyed:73 residential, 3 commercial and 15 outbuildings destroyed, and 14 residential and 1 outbuilding damaged (Numbers are subject to change as assessment is still ongoing.)Evacuations:Evacuation Map12/7/17 AM – See the latest Incident Update for more information on this fire.

Cooperating Agencies:CAL FIRE, Ventura County Fire, Ventura County Sheriff, City of Ventura Fire Department, City of Ventura Police Department, USFS/Los Padres National Forest, CAL OES, Red Cross, PG&E, CHP, Ventura County Public Works, CALTRANS, California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation.Total Fire Personnel: 2,509 Total Fire Engines: 471 Total Fire Crews: 28 Total Helicopters: 12Total Dozers:  26 Total Water Tenders: 7 Incident Management Team: CAL FIRE IMT-4Long/Lat:-119.09124/34.41521

Conditions: The fire continues to burn actively with extreme rates of spread and long range spotting when pushed by winds. The fire is established on the north and east side of Hwy 150 and is also burning on the west side of Hwy 30. The fire has pushed northwest of Ventura and has reached the Hwy 101. Firefighters continue to work aggressively to protect life and property while working on control efforts around the fire perimeter.

SCHOOL CLOSURES: For the most current district and school closures, please visit Ventura County Office of Education.

12/7/17 AM – See the latest Incident Update for more information on this fire.

Phone Numbers(805) 465-6650 (Thomas Fire Information Line )

WARNING! Thomas Fire Continues to Explode over Ventura County. The Latest Facts

Photo via Facebook John Sarsfield.
Last Updated: December 07, 2017 9:59 am
Date/Time Started: December 04, 2017 6:28 pm
Administrative Unit: Unified Command: CAL FIRE, Ventura County Fire, City of Ventura, Los Padres National Forest, Ventura County Sheriff,
County: Ventura County
Location: Hwy 150 and Hwy 126, north of Santa Paula
Acres Burned – Containment: 96,000 acres – 5% contained
Structures Threatened: 15,000 structures threatened
Structures Destroyed: 73 residential, 3 commercial and 15 outbuildings destroyed, and 14 residential and 1 outbuilding damaged (Numbers are subject to change as assessment is still ongoing.)
Evacuations: Evacuation Map12/7/17 AM – See the latest Incident Update for more information on this fire.
Cooperating Agencies: CAL FIRE, Ventura County Fire, Ventura County Sheriff, City of Ventura Fire Department, City of Ventura Police Department, USFS/Los Padres National Forest, CAL OES, Red Cross, PG&E, CHP, Ventura County Public Works, CALTRANS, California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
Total Fire Personnel: 2,509
Total Fire Engines: 471
Total Fire Crews: 28
Total Helicopters: 12
Total Dozers: 26
Total Water Tenders: 7
Incident Management Team: CAL FIRE IMT-4
Long/Lat: -119.09124/34.41521
Conditions: The fire continues to burn actively with extreme rates of spread and long range spotting when pushed by winds. The fire is established on the north and east side of Hwy 150 and is also burning on the west side of Hwy 30. The fire has pushed northwest of Ventura and has reached the Hwy 101. Firefighters continue to work aggressively to protect life and property while working on control efforts around the fire perimeter.SCHOOL CLOSURES: For the most current district and school closures, please visit Ventura County Office of Education.

For the most current college closures, click here

12/7/17 AM – See the latest Incident Update for more information on this fire.

Phone Numbers (805) 465-6650

BREAKING: Liberty Fire Breaks out in Riverside County

3:10 p.m.
This update from CalFire regarding the Liberty Fire:
(Recent updates are posted at the top of the Current Situation)
UPDATE 12/7/17 @ 2:48 p.m. – An evacuation order is in place for the following streets: Los Alamos Road Liberty Road Mary Place Via Mira Mosa Madelda Lane Skipper Road Ernest Way Mesa Avenue A care and reception center has been established at Great Oak High School: 32555 Deer Hollow Way Temecula, CA 92592 and at Mesa High School: 24801 Monroe Street Murrieta, CA 92562. ** UPDATE 12/7/17 @ 2:22 p.m. – The fire is now 100 acres. Updates will continue to be posted as inofmration becomes available. ** CAL FIRE/Riverside County Firefighters; with he assistance of Murrieta City Firefighters; responded to reports of a vegetation fire in the area of Los Alamos Road X Liberty Road, in the unincorporated County area of Murrieta. The fire is 20 acres, burning at a moderate to rapid rate of spread in heavy fuels. Updates will be posted as information becomes available.

Resources Assigned

Firefighters: 140 Utilities: No
Law Enforcement: No Engine Companies: 42
Air Attack: Yes Truck Companies: 2 Fire Crews: 2
EMD: No Overhead Personnel: 3
American Red Cross: No Fire Investigator: No
Public Information Officer: No Displaced Persons: No
Specialized Equipment: Squad,
3:03 p.m.
CalFire reports that the Liberty Fire has increased to 100 acres and growing.
Original post:
Yet another fire has broken out in Southern California on Thursday afternoon.  We can add the Liberty Fire to the list of blazes that have firefighters battling fierce winds other taxing conditions.
Firefighters are battling a 20 acre wildfire at Los Alamos Rd & Liberty Rd, in Unincorporated Area of Murrieta in Riverside Co.
Stay tuned for updates.

THE BIG FIX: California Democratic Party lashes out after bombshell allegations from Donna Brazile that 2016 Clinton Nomination was rigged

The big-wigs over at the California Democratic Party here in the Golden State are on a “Soul Searching Tour” thanks to Donna Brazile.  ‘Bout time.  Check out this statement that I was sent tonight regarding the new bombshell allegations that the 2016 Democratic Primary System was a complete fraud…a scam…a set up…a straw game of epic proportions….

But first…remember the UPROAR after Eric Bauman was elected Chair of the CDP earlier this year….

AND THEN….tonight….this bizarre statement from the CDP…zz-donkey-pooping

Sacramento—California Democratic Party Vice Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall and Secretary Jenny Bach released the following statement in reaction to this morning’s announcement by former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile:  ”The news we received today about the Democratic National Committee’s conduct in the run-up to the 2016 primary campaign was incredibly frustrating and terribly disheartening. The DNC is obligated to be neutral and above-board when it comes to dealing fairly with all Democratic candidates because the DNC is supposed to represent our entire party, not any one candidate. Instead of living up to that obligation to all of us who proudly call ourselves progressive Grassroots Democrats, the DNC chose to engage in the same kind of insider-dealing Beltway elitism that has driven so many people from the Democratic Party, and cost us too many elections in the process—including, tragically, the 2016 presidential election. Here in the California Democratic Party, we are embracing a reform agenda that will enable California Democrats to define the progressive agenda for the 21st century. We’ve announced a Clean Money Campaign Finance Task Force so we can win elections, and fund our party, with clean money. We’ve appointed the most diverse set committee appointments in our history. We’ve embraced a true shared-decision making model as officers, and we’ve worked to strengthen the voice of California Progressives in deciding the Democratic nominee for President in 2020. We are building on our reform agenda to deliver the progressive victories California desevers – getting special interest money out of politics, protecting civil rights for people of color, women, immigrants and the LGBT community, ensuring everyone has access to healthcare, combatting climate change, and addressing the cataclysmic income inequality gap between the ultra-wealthy and everyone else.  Today’s news from the DNC only hinders this important work, and the vast majority of Democrats, including Clinton supporters like Donna Brazile, believe reforms like these are needed at the DNC. Even though these decisions were not made under their leadership, it is incumbent upon Chair Perez, Deputy Chair Ellison and the rest of the DNC team to take every step necessary to repair this egregious breach of trust and ensure tomorrow is better than today, for each and every one of us.”

My take…

The California Democratic Party is just as RIGGED as the Democratic National Committee. We all smell the stench.  The BIG FIX continues!

Press Conference to be held to announce RECALL of Governor Jerry Brown on Friday the 13th



I am thrilled to be an official PROPONENT of the RECALL of CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN….

Los Angeles, CA, October 10, 2017– A press conference will be held to announce the details of a recall effort against controversial California Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown in front of the Ronald Reagan State Building office on Friday October 13th beginning at 12:30 pm at 300 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Participants include:

  • Rachel Gunther (Executive Director of Make California Great PAC)
  • SABO (conservative street artist)
  • John Mac Young (Treasurer of Make California Great PAC)
  • Stelian Onufrei (Congressional Candidate for 48th District)
  • Randy Economy (Media Advisor/Former Talk Radio Show Host)
  • and dozens of other proponents for the recall.

“Jerry Brown has failed time and time again to act in the best interests of Californians. This press conference will mark the beginning of the end of Jerry Brown’s hostile rein of power against the people of this state. As Governor, Jerry Brown has allowed the state legislature to impose unfair tax increases and has usurped the limitations in the federal constitution by designating California as a Sanctuary state. We will no long stand idly by as he continues to enact horrible policies that devastate California.” said Rachel Gunther, Executive Director of Make California Great PAC.

Make California Great is an official registered Political Action Committee (FEC #C00653717, CA FPPC #1398775) and is the sponsoring organization of a state-wide recall effort to remove Jerry Brown as Governor. Details of the recall movement will be announced during this press event.

Republican Stelian Onufrei Takes on Entrenched Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in 48th Congressional District

stelian head shot
Stelian Onufrei, Candidate for US Congress in Orange County’s 48th Congressional District.  Game on Dana…

Watch out Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, your 2018 campaign for reelection to Congress has taken a massive hit thanks to Stelian Onufrei.

Republican business owner Stelian Onufrei has filed documents with the Federal Elections Commission in Washington, DC to be a formal candidate for the US House of Representatives against “Putin’s Little Congressman” Dana Rohrabacher who has had a strangle hold on this Coastal Orange County district for almost 30 years.

In addition, Onufrei will also be using $500,000 of his own personal money to help fund the campaign.

I love it! Stelian Onufrei is kick starting his own campaign….entrenched politicians and special interest groups in Washington DC HATE when challengers do this because candidates like Onufrei cannot be “bought” and “controlled” by anyone and will only have to be answering to the people who live in the 48th Congressional District.

Let’s face it, Dana Rohrabacher has become a political lightning rod inside and outside the confines of the Washington DC Beltway also known as “The Swamp.”

“Orange County has been the bedrock of conservatism in California. We owe much of our success as a state to this region that stood boldly for American values. I am saddened that a region as respected and prestigious as ours has largely gone unheard, unnoticed, and seemingly forgotten in our nation’s capital.”

Onufrei continued in his remarks, “I attribute this to nothing more than the poor leadership that we’ve been saddled with for decades. Representative Dana Rohrabacher no longer cares for the people he serves, he is a representative that has long forgotten why he first took on his journey,” said the first-time candidate for public office. Talk about telling it like it is….

“Dana Rohrabacher is a politician that does anything but represent those who have entrusted him with so much and the California 48th Congressional District is now known for an entirely different reason, since my opponent has the proud distinction of founding the Congressional Marijuana Caucus in DC,” said Onufrei.

“Our congressional district is one of the most sought after and prestigious locations in all of America. We have a proud heritage of diversity, strong economy, and bold leadership. This rich history has often gone under represented in the halls of Congress due to weak, entrenched politicians that refuse to stand for the principles that have made America the greatest country on earth. We need strong leaders who are willing to carry the mantle of justice, liberty, and limited government, and that’s what I plan to make this campaign about,” said Onufrei.

Anyway. Stay Tuned.

BTW…I will be helping Stelian every step of the way for the next year. ALL IN with STELIAN, and the campaign is off to a flying start.  

Making America Great Again Song Breaks Internet this 4th of July

The new Make America Great Again Song is about the break the internet.

President Trump tweeted a video clip of a choral symphonic rendition of his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” just hours ago, and well, I am hooked on this tune.

The video was captured at a recent performance for President Trump at the Kennedy Center and was set in front of American flag in case anyone didn’t get the lyrics.

The Composer is Gary Moore and the singers are a Baptist choir. #MAGA

Cristianitos Fire: Blaze Erupts at Camp Pendleton


Fire progress as of 12:35 a.m. Thursday, June 29, 2017

A nasty wind driven wildfire has erupted inside  the sprawling and famed Camp Pendleton Marine Base in South Orange County right near San Clemente.


As of 12:35 a.m. the fire is north of Cristianitos Road and is heading away from the base.

Multiple fire assets on the ground and in the air are responding both from the Camp Pen side and the San Clemente side. Last report was 400 acres.

Stay safe.


ничего бургер: Project Veritas Serves Up a ‘Russian Nothing Burger’ to CNN’s Van Jones

The last time I ran into CNN “Expert on Everything Commentator” Van Jones was when I was leaving the Republican National Convention at the Cleveland Airport last summer.

Jones was multitasking as he hurried through the packed terminal to get to his flight.

Cell phone earpiece in place, wheeled luggage behind his brisk stride, Van Jones was munching on a breakfast thingamajig, like a burrito, or well, it could have been a “Russian Nothing Burger.”

Anyway, shout out to James O’Keefe the Founder of Project Veritas for today’s stunning undercover video where Jones get’s caught on camera saying that the connection between President Trump and the Russians is a “Nothing Burger.”

Or as they saw in Moscow: ничего бургер

Below: The Russian Van Jones Burger coming to Amerika SOON!


Eat This Van Jones:  It is a ничего бургер
Eat This Van Jones: It is a ничего бургер


Enough: Congressman Steve Scalise is in my Prayers, after another nightmare unfolds in America

Pray for Congressman Scalise.

By Randy Economy

I had the honor of meeting Representative Steve Scalise during the 2016 Republican Party Convention in Cleveland when I was a delegate from California representing then candidate Donald J. Trump.

He was humble, a real gentleman and someone who had great hope for America’s future. I normally cannot stand an overwhelming majority of politicians that I cross paths with. Steve Scalise left a mark in my mind that he is different, someone you can trust. A Southern Gentleman. Kind. Unassuming.

Today, when I heard the news that he had been shot with several others who were practicing for the Congressional Softball Game in Alexandria, Virginia, my heart sunk.

I started get text messages from friends, including a few from John Phillips who is a radio talk show host here in Los Angeles and a Contributor to CNN. John was stunned. So was the world. This was a nightmare, but it was once again another wake up call for those on the far left and crazy right. John is a voice of reason on CNN. Today, I could not watch Anderson Cooper, John King, Jake Taper and Don Lemon. Enough.

We can no longer allow media outlets to define how people think here in America. Enough.

We can no longer allow our Democracy to be held hostage from lunatics like today’s shooter. I am not even going to mention his name. Enough.

I want civility back in our media. I want real journalists to report the news as it happens instead of “talking head personalities” who are paid millions of dollars each year. Enough.

I want people who appear on CNN and other cable outlets who declare themselves as being “experts” and “political consultants” to get the hell off of the airwaves. Enough.

Here is an update from the Congressman’s office: Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet traveled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding. He was transported in shock to MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a Level I Trauma Center. He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations. We will provide periodic updates.”

I pray for sanity. I pray.


This is LIVE coverage from SKY NEWS coverage of the Grenfell Tower Fire, a housing estate near White City shopping center.

Thirty people are being treated in hospital for various injuries and hundreds more are being evacuated from the 27-story building

Emergency services were called just after 1 am and there are now understood to be concerns about the structural safety of the building. The media coverage here in the US has been almost silent. Some reports on Fox News. CNN International has been covering from their Los Angeles Broadcast Center in Hollywood.

Oskar Eustis Defends Trump ‘Assassination’ in Caesar in Central Park. This is what I think…

First of all, when I took Shakespeare 202 at Utah State University, I got a D as my final grade.  Did not like that class or the instructor who had matted filthy hair and coke bottle glasses. She was a tragic comedy.

So, I am no expert on ‘The Tragedies” when it comes to Shakespeare…

That being said,  Oskar Eustis, the Artistic Director of the newest and controversial adaptation of the classic that is running right now in New York City’s Central Park, is a vulgar attempt to hide behind “free expression,” and “free speech.”  I get that Eustis is not a fan of President Donald Trump.  But in HIS version of this iconic tale, an actor portraying the 45th President is brutally stabbed by others who are supposedly members of Congress.

I decry this type of public art, however, this show must be seen and it must not be cancelled.

We live in troubling times.  America is divided.  The Oskar Eustis’ and Kathy Griffins and Tyler Shields here in our world are seeking the light of fame.  I get that.  However, when anyone portrays the assassination of ANY public official as being “art” it needs to be soundly rejected.

Your thoughts?  Hit my comment section below.


Leonard Mendoza, John Soria, Ivan Altamirano Win Commerce City Council Seats

commerce-mapWhat a stunning night in Commerce.

Huge changes in store with the election of challengers Leonard Mendoza, John Soria, and Incumbent Ivan Altamirano to the city council.

The three captured the top votes in the municipal election that will go down as one of the nastiest, vile campaigns I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.  Still more late votes are still to be counted, but Mendoza, Soria and Alamirano will be elected when all of the final ballots are tallied.

Incumbents Tina Baca Del Rio and Leila Leon went down in defeated, and the voters GOT IT RIGHT in this small municipality that is in the shadows of Downtown Los Angeles.

Here are the semi official results:

  1. Leonard Mendoza, 440 votes
  2. John Soria, 437votes
  3. Ivan Altamirano, 424 votes
  4. Tina Baca Del Rio, 391 votes
  5. Jaime Valencia, 388 votes
  6. Joncito Peraza, 345 votes
  7. Lilia Leon, 343 votes
  8. Sylvia Munoz, 331 votes
  9. Randy “Sax” Romero, 291 votes
  10. Charlie Calderon, 194 votes

Biggest losers are….well…the Chacon Political Machine that has been run out of town on a rail…and that newspaper they control in Cerritos.  More to follow.   This is a huge defeat for “Fake Newspapers!”  That is a good thing….



Shay Knighten becomes a World Series icon in one swing

American Hero! Shay Knighten

Got to give a huge shout out to Buena Park native Shay Knighten for hitting a stunning three-run home run in the top of the 17th inning in Game One of the NCAA Women’s Softball World Series against the University of Florida. It will go down in college sports history as a great moment…not to mention THE LONGEST GAME in college softball history.
BTW: Shay Knighten is only 5’6 inches tall and tonight she is the biggest sports hero in America.
I love moments like these. Cherish this.

Named an NFCA Second Team All-American … one of three finalists for 2016 NFCA Freshman of the Year … placed on WCWS All-Tournament Team … 2016 First Team All-Region selection … 2016 Big 12 Freshman of the Year … named to 2016 All-Big 12 First Team … chosen to 2016 All-Big 12 Freshman Team … selected Big 12 Player of the Week (4/19/16)



VIDEO: Watch President Trump Tell The Paris Accord Adieu

I am so proud of President Trump today.

Adieu to The Paris Accord.

Wanted to place this VIDEO FEED of the Rose Garden announcement.

Bottom line: Pittsburgh before Paris.

china tweet
President Trump sticks to his guns…remember this Tweet?

I got involved with President Trump’s and his campaign because I was so tired of catering to the world politicians and dictators.  Now we are  taking care of our problems here in America.

Thank you Mr. President!

Tyler Shields and Kathy Griffin are the Worst People in America


Ugly Kathy Griffin Unmasked. Ugh.

I use to love Kathy Griffin, especially when she would take over CNN on New Years Eve with co-host Anderson Cooper in Times Square. I had never heard of Tyler Shields until this afternoon.


They are the two most evil people in America tonight, and millions of people around the world agree with me. They crossed the line.

“Filmmaker” Shields produced a horrific video that shows the bloody decapitated head of President Trump in Griffins hand, holding  the likeness of the Commander-in-Chief by his blond “scalp.”

Shields and Griffin caused an uproar last year in their first video collaboration when she  appeared in a video (mock) campaign ad that is posted here.  Griffin tells Trump to Fuc@ Off in the video called “Mirror.”  What a class act.

We are at war with Islamic Terrorist who proudly decapitate the heads of Americans on video and who upload the horrific images for the world to see.

The photo of Griffin posing with Trump’s severed head will soon be added to terrorists’ propaganda videos.

Oh, she did issue a “video statement” stating that she was sorry with her “eyes rolling.”

–Randy Economy

What are your thoughts? Hit my comment section below and please feel free to share on your favorite social media platform.

The Return of Corey Lewandowski: Loyalty Matters.

By Randy Economy


Corey Lewandowsky photo via Vanity Fair


I am a huge fan of Corey Lewandowski.

Now is the time for him to enter the White House as Chief of Staff.  Play time is over Reince.

When I worked on the Trump campaign here in California as one of “the press guys behind the scenes,” I realized that one of the brightest guys on the train was Lewandowski.

Corey got a bad wrap for shaking things up with the media, and within the GOP Establishment. However,  he helped change presidential politics forever, along with millions  of hard-working American citizens.

Tightly cropped in appearance and demeanor, Lewandowski is  smart and his loyalty counts. Some love to hate him. I get that. The reality is that he is THE GUY to get the White House on track.

It is obvious that the Trump Administration needs Lewandowski guiding the ship. Look how he took on George Stephanopoulos this weekend on ABC News.  Game on.

What are your thoughts. Is Corey Lewandowski the right person to be White House Chief of Staff?  Sound off below in my comment section.


Remembering Dean Diomedes

I am at a loss for words.

Dean heaven
Dean Diomedes took this amazing photo on Easter.  His spirt will live on forever.


Dean Diomedes, a friend to thousands of us here in Southern California, a father of three amazing children, a husband who deeply loved his wife, and someone who was a true leader in the Catholic Church here in Southern California has passed away … far too young.

I met Dean on my personal  journey in finding and  accepting God into my life more than 11 years ago.  I can now say that Dean was a true Angel.

Dean passed yesterday, Saturday,  while hiking with friends in the San Bernardino Mountains.  God called him to Heaven.

For all us who knew and loved him, our hearts are heavy.

Still trying to wrap my head around this …



‘Fake News’ Epidemic continues to destroy lives of innocent people.

By Randy Economy

I am proud of my past work as a hard-core Investigative Journalist.  I have exposed and reported on some of the biggest political corruption crimes here in Southern California, specifically in Southeast Los Angeles County that has now been named the “Corridor of Corruption.”

I have the battle scares (and the awards) to back up my work and my claims.

I never heard of the “Fake News Phenomenon” until around two or three years ago here.  

Yellow journalism is now “mainstream.”

Can you believe that some newspapers actually produce articles that consist of deliberate misinformation in the attempt to destroy the lives of politicians they do not like?

Shockingly, some of the these newspapers actually take bribes … in some cases  from known convicted criminals … to deliberately  inflict harm and mayhem against good folks who are just trying to make their local neighborhoods and communities a better place to live, work and to raise a family.

I know how these “Fake News” businesses operate and how they stay in business.  The businesses need to be exposed for who they are, and what tactics they use to “destroy” their enemies.

Remember,  as stated above, and I repeat….fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention.

One of the reason’s I got involved in President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2015 and 16 was to help call attention to this “Fake News Epidemic.”  I saw firsthand how false rumors quickly became “Breaking News” on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and yes, even Russia Today.

Today, I am actively working on a plan to end and expose “Fake News Outlets.”

I know the mission seems to be impossible, but our Democracy is at risk.






Back in the political world

I was a special guest of President Trump to his inauguration this past January. I was honored to serve as a media specialist here in California during the campaign that literally changed presidential politics forever.

I’m BACK in the world of politics…fulltime.

I have decided to put down my pen as an investigative journalist and to get back to my roots as a political advisor, campaign strategist and to work my tail off to  get great honest people elected to public office, regardless of their political party statues.

I am tired of partisan politics and crooked politicians who make a career out of being and elected official.  I have been on all sides of the spectrum. Democrat. Republican. Declined to State. None of the Above. Liberal. Conservative. Activist. Candidate. Media guru. Yep.  I have done it all from presidential politics down to local municipal water boards.

I will share with you the details of my life, raw, unedited, and will give you a real insight into the inner details of my life, my thoughts, and how we can continue to make a change in our world, one election and one candidate at a time.