I was a special guest of President Trump to his inauguration this past January. I was honored to serve as a media specialist here in California during the campaign that literally changed presidential politics forever.

I’m BACK in the world of politics…fulltime.

I have decided to put down my pen as an investigative journalist and to get back to my roots as a political advisor, campaign strategist and to work my tail off to  get great honest people elected to public office, regardless of their political party statues.

I am tired of partisan politics and crooked politicians who make a career out of being and elected official.  I have been on all sides of the spectrum. Democrat. Republican. Declined to State. None of the Above. Liberal. Conservative. Activist. Candidate. Media guru. Yep.  I have done it all from presidential politics down to local municipal water boards.

I will share with you the details of my life, raw, unedited, and will give you a real insight into the inner details of my life, my thoughts, and how we can continue to make a change in our world, one election and one candidate at a time.








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