By Randy Economy


Corey Lewandowsky photo via Vanity Fair


I am a huge fan of Corey Lewandowski.

Now is the time for him to enter the White House as Chief of Staff.  Play time is over Reince.

When I worked on the Trump campaign here in California as one of “the press guys behind the scenes,” I realized that one of the brightest guys on the train was Lewandowski.

Corey got a bad wrap for shaking things up with the media, and within the GOP Establishment. However,  he helped change presidential politics forever, along with millions  of hard-working American citizens.

Tightly cropped in appearance and demeanor, Lewandowski is  smart and his loyalty counts. Some love to hate him. I get that. The reality is that he is THE GUY to get the White House on track.

It is obvious that the Trump Administration needs Lewandowski guiding the ship. Look how he took on George Stephanopoulos this weekend on ABC News.  Game on.

What are your thoughts. Is Corey Lewandowski the right person to be White House Chief of Staff?  Sound off below in my comment section.


3 thoughts on “The Return of Corey Lewandowski: Loyalty Matters.

  1. Corey is a brilliant political strategist; and as a fellow new hanpshire resident i have come to not only know corey as a friend, but respect his achievements in and around the political scene!

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