Ugly Kathy Griffin Unmasked. Ugh.

I use to love Kathy Griffin, especially when she would take over CNN on New Years Eve with co-host Anderson Cooper in Times Square. I had never heard of Tyler Shields until this afternoon.


They are the two most evil people in America tonight, and millions of people around the world agree with me. They crossed the line.

“Filmmaker” Shields produced a horrific video that shows the bloody decapitated head of President Trump in Griffins hand, holding  the likeness of the Commander-in-Chief by his blond “scalp.”

Shields and Griffin caused an uproar last year in their first video collaboration when she  appeared in a video (mock) campaign ad that is posted here.  Griffin tells Trump to Fuc@ Off in the video called “Mirror.”  What a class act.

We are at war with Islamic Terrorist who proudly decapitate the heads of Americans on video and who upload the horrific images for the world to see.

The photo of Griffin posing with Trump’s severed head will soon be added to terrorists’ propaganda videos.

Oh, she did issue a “video statement” stating that she was sorry with her “eyes rolling.”

–Randy Economy

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