commerce-mapWhat a stunning night in Commerce.

Huge changes in store with the election of challengers Leonard Mendoza, John Soria, and Incumbent Ivan Altamirano to the city council.

The three captured the top votes in the municipal election that will go down as one of the nastiest, vile campaigns I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.  Still more late votes are still to be counted, but Mendoza, Soria and Alamirano will be elected when all of the final ballots are tallied.

Incumbents Tina Baca Del Rio and Leila Leon went down in defeated, and the voters GOT IT RIGHT in this small municipality that is in the shadows of Downtown Los Angeles.

Here are the semi official results:

  1. Leonard Mendoza, 440 votes
  2. John Soria, 437votes
  3. Ivan Altamirano, 424 votes
  4. Tina Baca Del Rio, 391 votes
  5. Jaime Valencia, 388 votes
  6. Joncito Peraza, 345 votes
  7. Lilia Leon, 343 votes
  8. Sylvia Munoz, 331 votes
  9. Randy “Sax” Romero, 291 votes
  10. Charlie Calderon, 194 votes

Biggest losers are….well…the Chacon Political Machine that has been run out of town on a rail…and that newspaper they control in Cerritos.  More to follow.   This is a huge defeat for “Fake Newspapers!”  That is a good thing….



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