First of all, when I took Shakespeare 202 at Utah State University, I got a D as my final grade.  Did not like that class or the instructor who had matted filthy hair and coke bottle glasses. She was a tragic comedy.

So, I am no expert on ‘The Tragedies” when it comes to Shakespeare…

That being said,  Oskar Eustis, the Artistic Director of the newest and controversial adaptation of the classic that is running right now in New York City’s Central Park, is a vulgar attempt to hide behind “free expression,” and “free speech.”  I get that Eustis is not a fan of President Donald Trump.  But in HIS version of this iconic tale, an actor portraying the 45th President is brutally stabbed by others who are supposedly members of Congress.

I decry this type of public art, however, this show must be seen and it must not be cancelled.

We live in troubling times.  America is divided.  The Oskar Eustis’ and Kathy Griffins and Tyler Shields here in our world are seeking the light of fame.  I get that.  However, when anyone portrays the assassination of ANY public official as being “art” it needs to be soundly rejected.

Your thoughts?  Hit my comment section below.


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