stelian head shot
Stelian Onufrei, Candidate for US Congress in Orange County’s 48th Congressional District.  Game on Dana…

Watch out Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, your 2018 campaign for reelection to Congress has taken a massive hit thanks to Stelian Onufrei.

Republican business owner Stelian Onufrei has filed documents with the Federal Elections Commission in Washington, DC to be a formal candidate for the US House of Representatives against “Putin’s Little Congressman” Dana Rohrabacher who has had a strangle hold on this Coastal Orange County district for almost 30 years.

In addition, Onufrei will also be using $500,000 of his own personal money to help fund the campaign.

I love it! Stelian Onufrei is kick starting his own campaign….entrenched politicians and special interest groups in Washington DC HATE when challengers do this because candidates like Onufrei cannot be “bought” and “controlled” by anyone and will only have to be answering to the people who live in the 48th Congressional District.

Let’s face it, Dana Rohrabacher has become a political lightning rod inside and outside the confines of the Washington DC Beltway also known as “The Swamp.”

“Orange County has been the bedrock of conservatism in California. We owe much of our success as a state to this region that stood boldly for American values. I am saddened that a region as respected and prestigious as ours has largely gone unheard, unnoticed, and seemingly forgotten in our nation’s capital.”

Onufrei continued in his remarks, “I attribute this to nothing more than the poor leadership that we’ve been saddled with for decades. Representative Dana Rohrabacher no longer cares for the people he serves, he is a representative that has long forgotten why he first took on his journey,” said the first-time candidate for public office. Talk about telling it like it is….

“Dana Rohrabacher is a politician that does anything but represent those who have entrusted him with so much and the California 48th Congressional District is now known for an entirely different reason, since my opponent has the proud distinction of founding the Congressional Marijuana Caucus in DC,” said Onufrei.

“Our congressional district is one of the most sought after and prestigious locations in all of America. We have a proud heritage of diversity, strong economy, and bold leadership. This rich history has often gone under represented in the halls of Congress due to weak, entrenched politicians that refuse to stand for the principles that have made America the greatest country on earth. We need strong leaders who are willing to carry the mantle of justice, liberty, and limited government, and that’s what I plan to make this campaign about,” said Onufrei.

Anyway. Stay Tuned.

BTW…I will be helping Stelian every step of the way for the next year. ALL IN with STELIAN, and the campaign is off to a flying start.  

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