I am thrilled to be an official PROPONENT of the RECALL of CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN….

Los Angeles, CA, October 10, 2017– A press conference will be held to announce the details of a recall effort against controversial California Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown in front of the Ronald Reagan State Building office on Friday October 13th beginning at 12:30 pm at 300 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Participants include:

  • Rachel Gunther (Executive Director of Make California Great PAC)
  • SABO (conservative street artist)
  • John Mac Young (Treasurer of Make California Great PAC)
  • Stelian Onufrei (Congressional Candidate for 48th District)
  • Randy Economy (Media Advisor/Former Talk Radio Show Host)
  • and dozens of other proponents for the recall.

“Jerry Brown has failed time and time again to act in the best interests of Californians. This press conference will mark the beginning of the end of Jerry Brown’s hostile rein of power against the people of this state. As Governor, Jerry Brown has allowed the state legislature to impose unfair tax increases and has usurped the limitations in the federal constitution by designating California as a Sanctuary state. We will no long stand idly by as he continues to enact horrible policies that devastate California.” said Rachel Gunther, Executive Director of Make California Great PAC.

Make California Great is an official registered Political Action Committee (FEC #C00653717, CA FPPC #1398775) and is the sponsoring organization of a state-wide recall effort to remove Jerry Brown as Governor. Details of the recall movement will be announced during this press event.

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